Mental Health Awareness Week

We have reached the end of our podcast campaign for Mental Health Awareness Week. We do still have a couple of episodes that we will release through out the month, along with some over interesting links and written pieces. The stories shared have been a amazing and the people who shared them open and inspiring. Share Your Story have access to a small community of people, we are encouraging people to continue to share their own stories with #storiesformentalhealth

There have been so many topics raised with in these podcasts. We have spoken about the affect of the pill on younger women’s mental health, the lack of support for family or friends who are carers and the fact that 76% of people who committed suicide in 2014 were men. All these discussions are so important to have, in order to continue opening up communication in this area.

My experience of this campaign has been amazing, moving and at points overwhelming. My intrigue in mental health originated from my own personal experiences and those who I am close to, but through this work and the people I have met my interest in the complexity of mental health has only grown. I feel like there is so much strength in being informed, which for me (and I hope for many others) comes from being told a story.

You can support what we are doing and help us grow by sharing, liking and subscribing to our podcast. Our next theme will be Adventure and Exploration later in the summer. Keep an eye on our page for more information.

If you would like any advice or have been affect by anything we have spoken about in this series, there are plenty of services out there. Such as the Samaritans (

I would like to leave you with some poetry written by the lovely Tallula Bentley...

Thank you