Grassroots Suicide Prevention - Mental Health Awareness Week

Today's story is from Grassroots Suicide Prevention based in Whitehawk. We spoke to Tiffany about her experience working there and what areas she specialises in. Also, we spoke about there Mental Health Awareness Week Campaign, 'Alright Mate'. Also in this story we are talking to graffiti artist Madderdoit, who is working with them on the campaign. He talks about his own experiences with mental health. 

This episode was originally put together because I was having trouble finding men to talk about their experiences for the podcast. Since then we have had more men come forward. However, I still think that discussing Mental Health and the high quantity of suicides among men is important.

Check out Grassroots Suicide Prevention to hear more about their campaign and find out about their app, which could help you at a time of need.

Thanks for listening!