Petra Tilly - Mental Health Awareness Week

Petra Tilly a Devon based artist, tells her story of helping her son through his mental health struggles and how that led her to an area of work helping other carers. Being a carer is hard work, we spoke about how a lot of people won’t even realise they are carers. There are support networks out there for people helping a friend or family member. Such as; Rethink, Mind, Carers Trust and various other local support networks. At our event in Brighton on Wednesday we had Shirley talk about her experiences with her son and the process of setting up Changes Ahead (a support network for carers). Petra talks honestly about her experiences and worries as a mother. If you have any thoughts or want to chat about things spoke about in this episode, please feel free to get in touch. Also you can share your experience with #storiesformentalhealth

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