Kea Tossavainen - Mental Health Awareness Week

Today's story is from Kea Tossavainen, from Finland. She talks about her experience of having Bipolar Disorder. She discusses her trigger, trying to gain control on her life, the support she has been given, her medication and making decisions that are good for her. I found my time with Kea very interesting, I came away from our meeting thinking a lot about the hormones in the contraceptive pill causing emotional instability within young women. From a young age women are offered drugs that are incredibly mood changing, with out an explanation of the affects it can have on the body. Also we spoke about the idealisation and glorification of mental health that can be found on social media amongst young people. Especially with in the area of depression, anxiety and self-harm. What are your thoughts on this? Get in touch via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Thanks for listening and we will be back with you tomorrow for another story!

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Music by Beth Chesser