Mental Health Awareness Week

We have reached the end of our podcast campaign for Mental Health Awareness Week. We do still have a couple of episodes that we will release through out the month, along with some over interesting links and written pieces. The stories shared have been a amazing and the people who shared them open and inspiring. Share Your Story have access to a small community of people, we are encouraging people to continue to share their own stories with #storiesformentalhealth

There have been so many topics raised with in these podcasts. We have spoken about the affect of the pill on younger women’s mental health, the lack of support for family or friends who are carers and the fact that 76% of people who committed suicide in 2014 were men. All these discussions are so important to have, in order to continue opening up communication in this area.

My experience of this campaign has been amazing, moving and at points overwhelming. My intrigue in mental health originated from my own personal experiences and those who I am close to, but through this work and the people I have met my interest in the complexity of mental health has only grown. I feel like there is so much strength in being informed, which for me (and I hope for many others) comes from being told a story.

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If you would like any advice or have been affect by anything we have spoken about in this series, there are plenty of services out there. Such as the Samaritans (

I would like to leave you with some poetry written by the lovely Tallula Bentley...

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Petra Tilly - Mental Health Awareness Week

Petra Tilly a Devon based artist, tells her story of helping her son through his mental health struggles and how that led her to an area of work helping other carers. Being a carer is hard work, we spoke about how a lot of people won’t even realise they are carers. There are support networks out there for people helping a friend or family member. Such as; Rethink, Mind, Carers Trust and various other local support networks. At our event in Brighton on Wednesday we had Shirley talk about her experiences with her son and the process of setting up Changes Ahead (a support network for carers). Petra talks honestly about her experiences and worries as a mother. If you have any thoughts or want to chat about things spoke about in this episode, please feel free to get in touch. Also you can share your experience with #storiesformentalhealth

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Kea Tossavainen - Mental Health Awareness Week

Today's story is from Kea Tossavainen, from Finland. She talks about her experience of having Bipolar Disorder. She discusses her trigger, trying to gain control on her life, the support she has been given, her medication and making decisions that are good for her. I found my time with Kea very interesting, I came away from our meeting thinking a lot about the hormones in the contraceptive pill causing emotional instability within young women. From a young age women are offered drugs that are incredibly mood changing, with out an explanation of the affects it can have on the body. Also we spoke about the idealisation and glorification of mental health that can be found on social media amongst young people. Especially with in the area of depression, anxiety and self-harm. What are your thoughts on this? Get in touch via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Terri Harris - Mental Health Awareness Week

Welcome back to Share Your Story’s - Mental Health Awareness Week Series. Almost half way through and we have heard some amazing stories. Upcoming we also have some pieces of writing we are hoping to be uploading on to our social media this week, so keep an eye out for that! You can find more information on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Our third speaker is Terri Harris, based in London. She will be talking about her journey with depression and anxiety, from the beginning, bullying in school up until more recently where a job blamed her termination on her mental health. Her openness is incredible, she discusses the hardest moments in great detail but also how she has found ways to help herself. 

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John Hargreaves - Mental Health Awareness Week

Welcome back to our Mental Health Awareness Week Series. 

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Today we are joined by John Hargreaves, who is speaking about his experience of Major Depressive Disorder. He talks about the how it started, the reasons behind his depression and the effect it has had on his life. I won't give away anymore! Have a listen it is fascinating and well-informed! 

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Caroline Jones - Mental Health Awareness Week

For National Mental Health Awareness Week (8-14th), Share Your Story will be running a story campaign that aims to continue opening up a broader conversation around mental health, and we want to hear your story. We will be releasing a podcast everyday for the whole week; each reflecting different people’s experiences of mental health. These will continue throughout the month. As well as sharing stories we have gathered, we invite you to get in touch with us and join this important conversation on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using #storiesformentalhealth

Our first speaker is Caroline Jones author of 'The Spaces In Between' a memoir of her journey through Bulimia. Caroline will be joining us to tell her story at our live event on Wednesday the 10th May in Brighton.

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A new kind of podcast coming your way!

Hello! So we are doing a redesign of our podcast, we will now be releasing our episodes in series. We are taking a short break from releasing episodes but will be back in May with our first series for Mental Health Awareness week. So keep an eye out for some amazing stories coming your way!

Episode 11 - Baraa Ehssan Kouja, The Story of 'From Syria with Love'

This week we hear from Baraa Ehssan Kouja, he tells us about the charity he founded 'From Syria with Love'. Head to the website to find out more -

We also are very happy to announce music from Beth Chesser and intro by Leaf Hillyer. We look forward to be working with Beth in future episodes! 

Enjoy the podcast and see you in two weeks! 

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10 - Julie's story - Journeying with Grief and Loss

Julie shares the three different points of grief in her life: losing her brother Tim in 1997, her first baby in 2009 and the following infertility and then having a stillborn baby, Bonnie, in 2015. She talks of her reactions to each grief and how it changed her. She also gives some reflections on dealing with grief - mourning your loss and also moving forwards by choosing hope, even when you don't believe in hope.

This is a live recording from our January 2017 event in Brighton, Journeying with Grief and Loss. It's an amazingly brave and honest story - thanks to Julie for being willing for us to share it with our podcast audience. 

We'd love to hear your thoughts and reflections on this story - please do leave comments for us below or via our social media pages on Facebook or Twitter.

9 - Becky Blair - An artist's journey of creativity, pain and overcoming.


Becky's work has always focused on the light and joy of living. Her paintings, filled with colour, aim to bring happiness through beautifully composed imagery. Since graduating in 1994 she has exhibited regularly in the UK and Australia and has work in collections around the globe.

In 2014, Becky was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease Lupus. The following months saw her hospitalised, housebound, the impact to her joints leaving her unable to paint, the chronic pain rendering her unable to walk, eat and even sleep. At the time of our live event, she was exhibiting her first body of work since that diagnosis, which is a reflection of Becky’s journey back to better health.

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Episode 8 - Mark Campbell - A Story of Adventures, Pies and Happy Business

"It's not what you do, it's how you do it"

Mark Campbell from Higgidy shared at our event last year on Happy Businesses and is now featured in our latest podcast episode which is out NOW. He walked us through his journey from Northern Ireland to making the most delicious pies in the happiest way possible via crazy building projects in Kenya and aid work in Afghanistan. But what most stood out to me was the fact that, as remarkable as what Mark does is, it was the HOW that mattered more the WHAT, and that wherever you are and whatever you spend your time on you have a choice about how you live that out. And in a world obsessed with our 'what', I think it's crucial to be reminded that it's the 'how' that matters and that makes things truly significant.

Episode 7 - Oksana, A Story of Motherhood and Migration

In this weeks episode we hear from Oksana, a Nenets woman (from Siberia, Russia) living in Canada. She discusses being a single mum, the difficulties of being so far away from her family and wanting to share her heritage with he children. 

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Episode 6 - Shane, A Story of Boyhood, Squatting and Circus

This weeks story is from Shane, who grew up in Northern Ireland. He talks about his education, making decisions, drugs, moving to bristol, travelling, squatting and falling in love with circus.

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Episode 5 - Chris Chapman

This week we are joined by Dartmoor photographer and filmmaker Chris Chapman. In 1975, he moved to Dartmoor and since then has recorded and documented many aspects of Dartmoor life. His photographs reflect traditional skills inherent in the indigenous population and emphasise the accumulation of knowledge associated with age and customs. He has a large archive depicting the culture and character of the region.

To look at his work you can go to 

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Episode 4 - Yuli Somme

This weeks episode we hear from Yuli Somme. She was born in Norway but has lived in Devon for most of her life. She has been influenced by weaving and knitting heritage of Norway. She trained and worked as a weaver in the 1980's. Later, she switched to felt-making. Then at the end of 90's made her first shroud, influenced by 'Treading Lightly' exhibition. After developing the designs for her natural eco wool coffins, she now has a studio in a old church in Moretonhampstead called Bellacouche.

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Episode 3 - Guillermo Martinez

Welcome back! 

Guillermo Martinez is from an indigenous tribe from the mountain regions of Mexico. He was brought up in LA, but reconnected with his native culture as a young man, through dance and becoming an apprentice to a alaskan drum maker and later a aztec flute maker and dancer. He now runs a flute making workshop and offers apprenticeships, making drums and flutes. Also, he plays music around the world, with a trio of flute masters, that includes musicians from Japan and the UK.

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Episode 2 - Ruth & Amy Anslow, hiSbe

Our second podcast features Ruth & Amy Anslow who set up hiSbe. This is live from our event in Brighton, 'Building Happy Businesses'. 

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Episode 1 - Tom Jayston (from Loneliness and Social Isolation event). The first Share Your Story podcast.

Welcome, to the first episode of Share Your Story Podcast. We will be publishing new stories, collected from both our events and individuals further afield fortnightly on Wednesdays. This week we hear from Tom Jayston, who is based in Brighton and works for JustLife. He spoke at our event last year themed Loneliness and Social Isolation - his talk was powerful, honest, sobering and inspiring. 

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