We have a wonderful team of people  behind share your story events and the podcast - we asked them all the following 5 questions so you could get to know us a bit more:

Tell us your story in 100 words or less.

Why did you get involved with Share Your Story?

What have you done with Share Your Story?

How do you want your own personal story to unfold over the next few years?

What would be your dream 3 person (living or dead) line-up at a Share Your Story?


Dave Perrins

Tell me your story in under 100 words: 100 words?! I grew up happily just outside the New Forest but moved to London at 18, spending 5 years doing youth and community work as well as getting an interesting but highly impractical degree. After getting married (sorry ladies) in 2004 I moved to Brighton where I picked up the community work again before spending a couple of years working in social enterprise. Most recently I’ve been seeking to live a good story by investing time in Share Your Story, The Dad Course and spending lots of time with my kids.

Why did you get involved? Stories run through everyone’s life but the whole concept and practice of them seems to have been central to mine. I’ve always had a passion for stories – I grew up going to a church with my family that I generally found pretty boring but I always loved hearing people’s stories. No matter how dry or irrelevant everything else was I could always connect with them. Then at 18 moving from a small leafy town to Peckham was a massive eye opener for me and I really got to know all kinds of different people. Stories were an amazing way to connect with people when there didn’t appear to be much else in common. I then went to study Theology looking for answers to the big questions of life but found that instead of neat answers I found messy, uncomfortable but beautiful stories most meaningful to me. Not what I was looking for at the time, but turns out that it’s a lot better this way!

More recently I read A Million Miles In A Thousand Years by Donald Miller, which helped a lot of thoughts fall into place and really transformed the way I look at stories and how I think about them conceptually – as much as a tool for life as something to enjoy. From there things snowballed and before I knew it a few conversations, a bit of planning and a bit of courage later we were at the first Share Your Story.

What have you done with Share Your Story? I think ‘a lot of different things’ captures it fairly well without boring you.

How do you hope your own story unfolds in the next few years? My kids are young so I want to spend lots of time with them – I’ll only have one chance to have these days and years with them so I intend to make the most of it. I think that life is much more about relationships than projects so I want to focus on those, and becoming a more loving, generous and deeper person who lives whole-heartedly. I trust that if I can do all of this well then my story should unfold well enough.

What would be your dream 3 person (living or dead) line-up at a Share Your Story? This looks like a tough question but when I think about it I’d easily choose to do one on religions with Jesus, Muhammad and the Buddha (sorry to all the other religions but there are only three slots after all). That would be pretty interesting. Imagine telling them 'Remember guys, 20 minutes each…'!



Tell me your story in under 100 words: Hello, I am Cedar. I grew up on a farm in the centre of Dartmoor, from there I was lucky enough to have travelled a lot through out my childhood for my parents work. In 2010, I moved to Brighton and studied photography. I loved to photograph people and learn about their story. In 2014, I travelled to Yamal Peninsula, Siberia to live with and photograph the Nenets (a indigenous nomadic reindeer tribe). On returning to Brighton, I worked for 2 years with start-up hiSbe CIC, alongside working with other local businesses. 

Why did you get involved? Dave approached me with the idea of Share Your Story and instantly loved it, as it was an area that I already felt a lot of passion for. I think that to learn and grow as people, we should all be listening to each others stories. To create a platform for telling stories and helping people grow their own is pretty much the perfect job!! 

What have you done with Share Your Story? I have been with Share Your Story since before the first event: I have helped grow the events and develop our image, think of themes, take photographs and film, helped run the events and now I am developing ways for Share Your Story to spread further than Brighton (as I am now living in France). We've just relased a podcast, our micro-funding and I've taken Share Your Story to a festival in Poland. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of sharing stories and now by creating this podcast, I get the chance to collect stories as I go.

How do you hope your own story unfolds in the next few years? I would like to continue to work with people's stories over the next few years, and through doing that share my own story with people. I would like to continue to photograph, record and organise events. I am hoping that next spring I can return to the Arctic circle to continue my work and travels far north.

What would be your dream 3 person (living or dead) line-up at a Share Your Story? I would love to see David Attenborough (an obvious one), Jeanne Bare (famous French explorer and botanist, who disguised her self as a man) and Tanya Streeter (for old times sake, was my teenage hero). 

sarah hopkins

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Simon morris

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