Live a Good Story 2018 is now underway in Southampton. For more information about future groups, check back here, or head to the Touch Network website using the button below.

Live A Good Story is a group of fellow travellers receiving support and input, meeting monthly through the year as we each seek to live a better story. We're coming to Southampton in 2018 - kicking off 13th January.

After a brilliant first year in Brighton, we're delighted to say that we're going to be working together with Touch Network to bring Live a Good Story to Southampton. Touch Network are an organisation who we massively share values with, and we are 100% behind what they're doing, so we couldn't be more excited to be working together with them on this. We'll be running the opening and closing workshops, and the monthly meet-ups will be faciliated by Debs Carter and Clare Canning from Touch Network. Touch are dealing with bookings, so if you're in the Southampton area and would like to book or find out more, click below to head to their website.

If you're looking for information about Live a Good Story elsewhere, head to the pages for Brighton and Bristol to learn more.

Want more info? Get in touch with us at and we'd be happy to answer your questions.