Introducing Journalling.

Wednesday evenings in November, central Brighton, 7.30-9.15pm. Free taster workshop: Wednesday 1st November at Citygate at The Dip (119d Hollingdean Terrace).


We've found journalling to be an amazing practice, for reflection, self-awareness, productivity, planning, creativity and just generally getting on with living a good story. Since starting the Live a Good Story group, we've become really aware that there are a lot of people who are interested in getting started in journalling but aren't sure where to begin. Our response to that has been to put together a 5 evening course, that will be a practical guide to getting started with a whole variety of journalling practices. 

It'll be hands on, and after checking in, each evening will consist of an introduction to a new journalling style (or two) and time to get writing and give it a try. We'll then close each evening by sharing what we've been journalling about (if you're comfortable to do so) and how you found the experience. Although there won't be any set homework, we'll be encouraging you to get into the habit of journalling during the week too, so that you can put what you're learning in the sessions into practice. 

The content will be wide and varied but will include looking at journalling practices including stream of consciousness, bullet journalling, journalling for innovation and mindful journalling. 

Journalling has made a huge impact in my own life, and has been a springboard to better health and starting ideas that had previously been bubbling away for years. We can't promise that it will have the same effect for everyone, but we're confident that people will go away from this group better equipped and prepared to use journalling as a key tool to living a good story in everyday life.

The sessions will be facilitated by Dave Perrins and Simon Gale, who have both become passionate evangelists for journalling, having practiced it themselves for many years.

To encourage people who are unsure, or who want to get a feel for what the groups all about, we are offering a free taster session on Wednesday 1st November at Citygate at The Dip. Everyone is welcome.

Or, if you feel ready to sign up straight away, then you can sign up for all the sessions by simply ticking the box on the form. We want to make this course as affordable as possible, and are aiming only only to cover our costs here. To book all five sessions costs £30, or £20 for concessions. This includes your first (non-alcoholic!) drink of the evening. If this is still too expensive for you, please get in touch - don't let money be the thing that stops you doing this. We look forward to seeing you on the 1st.

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