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Poverty and Injustice

Share Your Story: Poverty and Injustice: Can we do anything?


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For our next event we take on an international focus as we look at global poverty and injustice. We read about it in the media and online, see it in the news and know it exists. We see pictures, read news articles and know the statistics. Yet for most of us the reality is very distant and the day-to-day impact on us of millions of people living in poverty is minimal, if not entirely absent. Is there anything we can really do about these issues? Are we helpless to do anything? Where do we begin? How do we go beyond the feeling of being overwhelmed and confused about this stuff? For this event we are bringing together three speakers who have each seen the same things that we have and found their own way of responding. See below for bios of each of the speakers.

Each of the speakers have done things differently and have taken very different paths but they each started with small steps, with being unwilling to ignore the stories they heard. We live in a world that is cynical about the difference we can make, and while we've happily moved beyond the idea that we in the west need to 'save everyone else' we at Share Your Story believe positive change is always possible. We're looking forward to hearing from each of the speakers, being inspired and encouraged, and hope we'll go away feeling like you can do something, however big or small that response might be. 

Each speaker will have 20 minutes to share their story, and we'll have a bit of time at the end for Q&A. 

Come along ready to be inspired and encouraged, to connect with local people on the same path as you, hear some great stories and to go away ready to live a better story yourself.

Doors will be open at 7pm, with the first story teller sharing around 7.20, so try to get there on time.



After studying International Development and working with two refugee organisations in the UK and US, Siobhan moved to Brighton in 1994. 

After working in finance a trip to Kolkata would change her direction when she saw an opportunity to support income generation projects to help people facing incredible daily challenges. In 2008 she opened the FAIR shop, working with three colleagues in Africa and Asia. 

Since 2013 Siobhan has started bringing activities, workshops and talks to local educational institutions across Sussex around our personal consumption habits. She believes change is needed and can only be achieved through re-education and rethinking how we live our lives as consumers.



Anna is a producer, writer and media advisor. For ten years, she has been telling stories and managing projects from humanitarian crises. She has reported from the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, Haiti, the Philippines, Kenya and Lebanon. 

Anna works with correspondents, editors, activists and aid agencies to tell stories that expose injustice.



In late 2013 after watching a news report from Syrian refugee camps featuring children without shoes Samara felt something must be done. Her heart especially went out to fellow mothers and her thoughts of what life must be like for them in those refugee camps in such poor conditions. 

Motivated by this concern and her faith Samara started collecting clothes and blankets for the camps. From small beginnings with a few bits and pieces from friends Samara's Aid Appeal has now sent over 46 arctic lorries (!) of supplies, 11 ambulances, medical equipment and much more. 

While Samara's story may sound incredible and huge, it all started from a simple response of being willing to take action on a small level, sending a few parcels over and developed from there.