We'd love to hear YOUR thoughts...

Hello lovely Share Your Story friends. We loved gathering with you all on Wednesday night - I found it to be a profoundly challenging, unsettling but encouraging evening, which is quite amazing when you think about the heaviness about some of the things shared. I'll write more about that in the coming days.

We're looking to kick the blog into action a little bit, to help keep the conversations flowing a little. Tish posted this on our Facebook account on Wednesday evening:

"Thank you for a truly inspirational evening. I feel quite overwhelmed and I'm sure it will take me a few days to digest everything that everyone shared - the stories, the emotions, the energy. I feel raw as if my insides have been shaken around, I'm intrigued to see what my realisations will be when everything settles back into place. I wonder if anyone else feels the same...? xx"

Jack Ahmad sharing on the evening

Jack Ahmad sharing on the evening

For one thing, I feel the same and I'm sure many others do too. It feels like we experienced something amazing and moving, but I'm aware from my own experience that it is easy to let it just be a story and that's all - the reality of it can drift away somehow. 

So I'd like to invite you to continue the conversation here as part of our blog. We would LOVE to hear your thoughts. It might be one sentence, one paragraph or something a lot longer. It might be your reflections on one (or more than one) of the speakers or a conversation or chain of thought that have come out of the evening. It might be your workings out, or it might be that you feel like some answers are starting to take shape. Your writing might be incredible or terrible, eloquent or clunky but that doesn't matter, I just think it can be helpful to think this stuff out a little. So we would LOVE it if you would consider writing something for us.

You can submit it to us at shryrstry@gmail.com (that's share your story without the vowels if you're confused!) or it's perhaps even easier to share it with us via facebook from where we can post it to our blog.

I've asked the speakers if they'd share a little of their thoughts, I'll be posting mine but we'd love to hear from you. Thanks all, looking forward to seeing what comes forward.


Photo taken from @bn1Community on Twitter