Share Your Story: Adventures and Expeditions. A review. (words: Lucy Maddox, pictures: Cedar Shaw)

I was so pleased that I had powered through after a bit of a stressful day and made the journey from Bournemouth. Share Your Story events definitely have a community vibe and this night's event on adventure and expedition was attended by a good amount of like-minded people. We all squeezed into the relatively small space, many sitting on tables along the edge of the room, but everyone content and eager to hear tales from the night’s speakers.

Throughout the evening we travelled to Africa, the Arctic and the Amalfi Coast, and at times we weren’t allowed to know where we were going (big up to Unknown Epic and their creative business idea), and there were some clear threads that bound all the speakers together.

Adventure comes in all shapes and sizes

Each of the speakers had done, and continue to do, some admittedly pretty epic stuff but it was reiterated several times that adventure has many guises. It can be as simple as walking out of your front door and waiting to see who you’ll bump into or jumping on a plane to some far-off land. As one of the speakers, Cedar, said: “with an inquisitive interest in the world you’re always going to have an adventure.”

For your own dream of adventure to come to pass it requires a level of passion and determination

What each of the speakers at the event has achieved did not come easily for any of them. Whether it be taking 20 months of planning for a one month trip, sowing the seeds of a business venture whilst working full-time and desperately seeking investment or persevering after a failed attempt to persuade governments that tourism is an important part of conservation, these individuals were driven to carry on through adversity by their passion and shared love of adventure.

Simplicity can result in a more satisfying life

A mutual love of nature definitely shone through in everyone on this particular evening and the realisation that getting back to basics can result in more peace, more joy and more satisfaction. What is evident about the Share Your Story community is that they are not afraid to challenge the status quo and live their lives by their own design rather than by the design of others. Sometimes less is more.

Adventure changes you

Adventure can be freeing and can help to shift and change your perspective on things, which was the most hopeful and powerful message of the evening. Don’t be afraid to go against others expectations because your unique adventures will grow you in all the right ways.

If ever you get the opportunity to go along and hear people’s stories at a Share Your Story event, I would recommend it. The events leave you with plenty to think about and a new community to be a part of.