We want your input on Share Your Story's future. Let us buy you a coffee.

Hi. Dave here. 

We've been so pleased with how Share Your Story has taken shape since our first event back in September. With generous funding from Upstream Ideas we've been able to hear from some amazing speakers without having to charge a set price for the events, making the evenings as accessible as possible. We definitely plan to continue running these events on the same basis and are so pleased with how they are going.

Inevitably at each of the evenings those of us organising are always busy making sure that everything is running smoothly and trying to balance lots of different tasks. We manage to grab at brief conversations and often have lovely more in-depth ones in the pub afterwards. But we're aware that there is a fantastic community of people emerging who have come along to our events and we'd love the chance to sit down with you, get to know you a little bit and hear from you.

Looking ahead there are so many possibilities of how Share Your Story could move forward. The team of us running the evenings have floated all kinds of ideas and we regularly get excited about different potential projects but ultimately we want Share Your Story to be shaped by it's community so that we can have the most positive possible impact on those who come along. It'd be be helpful to know why you come along to the events, what you get out of them and if they've spurred you to action. We'd also like to talk to you about some of the ideas we've had, whether you think they're actually any good or not and whether you could envision them being of interest to you/others.

We did talk about sending out a online questionnaire but it felt too impersonal and we really want this to be a 2-way interaction and building on personal relationships, hence the invite for a coffee/tea. You'll probably be meeting me but it may also be another member of the Share Your Story team depending on availability and the kind of uptake we get on this. 

We are a friendly and laid-back bunch, so don't be nervous or intimidated about signing up. At the very least you'll hopefully make a positive new connection and enjoy a delicious free drink. But this is also an opportunity to input into some exciting and innovative projects and shape something that could make a positive difference in the lives of lots of people across the city. Please don't hesitate to sign up, we don't want to be just another group putting on events, we want to be a community of people living good stories together.

To sign up to have a coffee simply click here to get through to our Doodle schedule and choose a time that suits you. If none of the times suit you then send us an email at shryrstry@gmail.com and we can try and arrange something else.

This whole process might feel a bit out of the ordinary, but that's exactly how we want to do things :-) Look forward to meeting you soon.