Shirley's thoughts on Share Your Story Migration event

After our event on Wednesday 9th on Migration we're looking to hear people's thoughts and reflections on the evening. Over the next couple of weeks we'll be sharing those thoughts, which have come from people who came along to the evening as well as a couple of the speakers. If you'd like to contribute your thoughts post on our Facebook page or send us an email at and we'll get them posted up.

Shirley O'Toole's thoughts:

We did not attend with any pre-conceived ideas about Migration other than what we had seen on the new and in papers It was heartfelt to listen to real stories from real people who had first hand experience of the terror of living in their own country What came across was plain - these people DO NOT WANT TO LEAVE THEIR COUNTRY, they do not want to come to a place that is alien nor leave the people they love and care for the most, but sheer terror has driven them out to all of our shores. When they finally do get here after spending hours in the sea, they arrive at camps which are based on the old prison system. We heard that before undertaking such a journey they stood and watched people they knew have their heads chopped off for standing up against what was happening in their country.

I cannot even begin to imagine, to hear a person explain that they stood upright in the back of a lorry up to their neck in flour, being told that they only had to be in there for 2 hours only to end up being in there for 7 hours and banging on the door of the lorry stating that they could no longer stay inside as they were going to die and being told to shut up and keep quiet and then, after paying the driver, not ending up in the place they paid to go to, left us thinking of how we could help? We thank god that we live in this country, free from oppression but we have to address the waste in countries and try and help those who do not have the same privileges.