Dave S' thoughts on Share Your Story Migration event

After our event on Wednesday 9th on Migration we're looking to hear people's thoughts and reflections on the evening. Over the next couple of weeks we'll be sharing those thoughts, which have come from people who came along to the evening as well as a couple of the speakers. If you'd like to contribute your thoughts post on our Facebook page or send us an email at shryrstry@gmail.com and we'll get them posted up.

Dave steell's thoughts:

It was a profound subject and one that we need to give as much oxygen to as possible. In one sense there was nothing very new shared, we all know the system as it currently stands is inhumane, ineffective and unsustainable, but to hear stories that were so real and from so close to the source was a distinct reminder that we are all implicated in this mess and we are all compelled to play a role in being part of the the solution and not just remain silently complicit. I'll personally be looking at what I might do as well as encouraging the One Church community to do the same (although many already are). Thanks again, please keep doing what you're doing.