Ben's thoughts on Share Your Story Migration event

After our event on Wednesday 9th on Migration we're looking to hear people's thoughts and reflections on the evening. Over the next couple of weeks we'll be sharing those thoughts, which have come from people who came along to the evening as well as a couple of the speakers. If you'd like to contribute your thoughts post on our Facebook page or send us an email at and we'll get them posted up.

Ben Szobody's thoughts:

We seem to be caught between two migration systems -- the stern, arbitrary, official one and the illicit, exploitative, shadowy one -- and both of them are profoundly dehumanising to the people involved, as systems often are. In this context, personal stories seem especially moving and apropos. I was struck by the way in which such systems especially fail women, children, the innocent and the vulnerable. I was inspired by the repeated observation that personal encounters change hearts. And I find it unfathomable that the very countries participating in the military chaos driving these mass migrations can be so slow to accept responsibility for the humans arriving at our doorstep. I hope these stories drive action.