Live a Good Story 2017 - Meet Emma

Next year we are gathering a small band of fellow travellers to journey through the year together as we seek to each live a good story in our own lives. To give you an idea of who will be joining us on the journey we're sharing their stories to date and their hopes for what's ahead. This week we're hearing from Emma, who signed up a couple of weeks ago. Will you join her, and us, on this adventure?

Tell us a bit about you: 

I'm someone that has always been very dissatisfied and unimpressed with how this modern world works. Privilege, economics, power, nepotism, narcissism and exploitation winning against those who live on the opposite spectrum, by opposite standards. I am someone that will always stand up to injustice and fight, even when it feels like you're banging your head against a brick wall. I live by my ethics, passions and my politics as much as modern day society will allow me to. I work only for charities that strive to support and empower vulnerable and marginalised groups of people. But this could equally be expanded to sustainable environmental organisations/ social enterprises or arts based organisations that use creativity to generate socio-political impact and change. They are all equal passions and interests. I've spent a very long time being angry at capitalism and the government, only recently realising that the only person it was hurting was myself. The last two years has been an incredible journey of self-awareness, away from negative patterns of self-harm and towards reflection, self re-evaluation, motivation, and attempting to finally realise my potential and confidence. It's a long and frustrating road, but I know I am heading in the right direction.

How do you envision your story unfolding in 2017? What are your hopes and what challenges might you face? If you don't fully know it's totally fine, just give us a guess...: 

I am passionate about tackling food waste and reducing household consumer waste and want to set up an unpackaged grocery shop/ cycle delivery service.

I want to encourage people to make their own furniture/ sculpture/ accessories out of reclaimed materials, and remind them that not everything has to be bought brand new from non-renewable, unsustainable, unethical resources. I especially want to start crafting my own pieces out of reclaimed wood.

I believe in like-minded groups of people coming together to effect humanitarian or environmental change, either locally or overseas. In particular, this would involve changing the perceptions of some communities who hold a much more conservative, xenophobic or culturally ignorant mind-set. (Welcoming refugees into the UK for example is very much at the forefront of my thinking and enabling communities to understand the positive benefits this would bring)

I want to one day stand up in public and perform my own spoken word poetry and/or sing in a band, and encourage others to do the same.

Overall, I want to overcome my deep-set, deeply ingrained fear of failure.

What do you hope to get out of being part of the group?: 

Sharing of ideas, connections, networks, reflection, motivation, pro-activism, development, personal growth, learning from mistakes, understanding of how ideas and projects grow, confidence, how to write a project plan, how to launch a project, an opportunity to be part of helping someone else realise their dream, new friends with depth, resolve and passion.


Whatever your journey, whatever your story, if you want to join a group of like minded individuals all wanting to move forward positively in their life then why not join us for Live a Good Story 2017