Live A Good Story is a group of fellow travellers receiving support and input, meeting monthly through the year as we each seek to live a better story.

In 2017 we are running groups that started in January and February. Tell us you're interested below and we'll be sure let you know when the next Live a Good Story group is starting. It's likely to be September 2017 or January 2018.

What is Live a Good Story?

One of our 2017 groups

One of our 2017 groups

At Share Your Story we spend lots of time sharing good stories, but we're also passionate about helping people live better ones. We all want to live a better story and, starting in 2017, we decided that we would open up an offer to the wider SYS community to get a small group of us together, to think, dream, reflect and go through the year together as we seek to live good stories. We had such a positive response that we ended up running two Live a Good Story groups, which are now in full swing and we're seeing people make progress in all different elements of their stories. From improving personal relationships to sharing their creativity (we've got artists, dancers and poets all putting their work out there in the next few months), from finally getting on top of a money situation to turning a long standing project/business idea into a reality there is such a variety of people and passions - but it's that wonderful mixture that makes it all the better.

It's not fancy or frilly, and we can't promise that your life will be 100% incredible by the end of the process, but we do believe we can help you move forward, wherever you're at. We think that offering some helpful input from inspiring people who have walked the path before us, being part of a group of like-minded fellow travellers and positive relationships can make a difference to moving forwards and getting on with living a good story.

So what does taking part entail? In practice what this means is taking part in 2 workshops, monthly coffee meet-ups and, above all, investing in ongoing relationships with other members of the group - which means both supporting and being supported. We ask you to be honest and open, to be encouraging and helpful and to commit to the journey as part of the group. 

In one way or another, we all want to live a good story. It might be a passion or a skill that we want to invest more into, a relationship that we want to fix or find, a job that we want (or want to give up!), an idea that never seems to quite get started, or it might be that you're not quite sure what your story is meant to be but you definitely want to find out. This group is not about telling you how to live life or giving you step-by-step instructions, instead it is about empowering and equipping you to think things through and take those steps yourselves. Living a good story is meant to be challenging, and positive change is nearly always difficult. But we think that travelling this road together makes things that little bit easier. 

We've sought to make Live A Good Story as affordable as possible, which we've been able to do with the help of our friends at Upstream Ideas who have subsidised the cost of the programme. 

Perhaps you're a big picture person and that's enough information for you. If you'd like to be the first to find out when the next group starts then sign up below. If you're a detail person or want to know what we expect it to look like month-to-month then read on.

So what does it look like in practice?

The year is book-ended by 2 workshops - an all-day workshop at the start of the year and a half-day session at the end of the year. These are interactive and practical workshops with a strong focus on reflection, self-awareness and sharing thoughts and ideas with the group as we move forward together.

We then have an hour and a half coffee session together once a month, usually on a Saturday morning. Each meeting has a different focus, but always with three distinctive sections - a chance to share, a chance to ask for help and help one another, and something to engage with and think about.

Some of the practical helps requests at one of our coffees.

Some of the practical helps requests at one of our coffees.

We always make space to check in and share a little bit about where we're at with the group, what's challenging as well as what's going well. The short practical exercise is different each month, but is designed to give space to help each other out in our journeys, offering practical support and advice to one another (following the philosophy that ten heads are better than one!). It's amazing how often the group is able to move one another forward and shed light on each other's problems. Finally we bring some external input, a thought around a theme or an exercise that helps participants think through or reflect upon a certain area of life. The idea is that you'll go away encouraged, inspired and on track again towards living out the story that you've mapped out for yourself.

What the sessions will look like

Session 1: All day workshop - Living a Meaningful Story. Facilitated by Dave Perrins. Looking back at our own stories and understanding where we've come from, reflecting on where we are at now, and looking forwards to the stories we want to live in the year ahead. We'll get to know each other a little and each go away with practical plans for the storylines we want to live out through the year.

Session 2: Coffee meet-up. Input on the theme 'Who's on the journey?' // Catching up and updating // Practical help and support.

Session 3: Coffee meet-up. Input on the theme 'Momentum: Getting it/keeping it' // Catching up and updating // Practical help and support.

Session 4: Coffee meet-up. Input on the theme 'Getting practical' // Catching up and updating // Practical help and support.

Session 5: Coffee meet-up. Input on the theme 'Learn as you go' // Catching up and updating // Practical help and support.

Session 6: Coffee meet-up. Input on the theme 'What do I really need' // Catching up and updating // Practical help and support.

Session 7: Coffee meet-up. Input on the theme 'Keeping going' // Catching up and updating // Practical help and support.

Session 8: Self-directed story activity. Moving forwards in our own stories and involving others.

Session 9: Coffee meet-up. Input on the theme 'Moving Targets' // Catching up and updating // Practical help and support.

Session 10: Coffee meet-up. Input on the theme 'Freedom' // Catching up and updating // Practical help and support.

Session 11: Coffee meet-up. Input on the theme 'Transition' // Catching up and updating // Practical help and support.

Session 12: Half-day workshop - The year just passed. Looking back at the stories of our years and working out our paths forward.


Still not sure if it's for you?

Want to join a community of like minded people all following their own paths forward? 

Want to go beyond new years resolutions to do something meaningful in 2017?

Interested in finding out how the idea of story can play a powerful role in following your passions?

Are you working on a new story/project and would appreciate peer support and accountability?

Want to meet interesting people and build community?

Or do you just want to try and work out what you're meant to be doing with your life?

If you answered yes to any of the above then Live A Good Story might just be for you...

We're so excited for the year ahead and for the small band of us who will go on this journey together. On a personal level I know that those of us on the SYS team are looking forward to adventuring together through the ups and downs, building bonds and moving towards living better stories in our own life. I hope you'll be able to join us.

Still want more info? Get in touch with us at and we'd be happy to answer your questions.